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912 Live Oak Park Rd South
Fallbrook, CA, 92028
United States

+1 (760) 728-9121

Pala International has consistently earned its reputation as the direct source for the finest colored stones.



Demantoid Disclosure – The ins and outs of laboratory reporting of treatment and locality.

The Internal World of Gemstones – A pictorial guide to a microscopic world that lets us further appreciate gemstones’ external beauty.

Kunzite the Precious – A reprint from Sunset magazine, by William R. Gross, October 1905.

On Kunz and Kunzite – An excellent historical look at the discovery and naming of kunzite, by Lawrence Conklin.

Painite Comes to Pala – Pala International President Bill Larson recounts a thirty-year quest for a mysterious stone, finally concluding, “no painite, no gainite.”

Pala International Obtains One of the World’s Most Historic Tanzanite Crystals.

Paraiba at Pala – Pala brings you up to date regarding the “name game” for copper-bearing tourmaline. Fully illustrated.

Passion Fruit: A Lover’s Guide to Sapphire – Pala’s resident ruby and sapphire expert discusses sapphire connoisseurship. By Richard W. Hughes.

Seeing Red: A Guide to Ruby – Richard Hughes examines the elements of quality in ruby. Fully illustrated.

Spessartite (Spessartine) Buying Guide by Richard W. Hughes

Spinel: A Description of Two Large Spinel Rubies… – Discussion of engraved spinels. By Valentine Ball. Also includes a Buyer’s Guide to Spinel by Richard W. Hughes.

Walking the Line in Ruby & Sapphire – A connoisseur’s search for meaning with padparadscha and pink sapphire. By Richard Hughes. Fully illustrated. This article includes a Buyer’s Guide to Padparadscha by Richard Hughes.