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Fallbrook, CA, 92028
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+1 (760) 728-9121

Pala International has consistently earned its reputation as the direct source for the finest colored stones.

Gem Spectrum Index

The Gem Spectrum is Pala International’s free newsletter. Edited by Pala’s own Gabrièl Mattice, it is filled with interesting articles on various aspects of precious stones, including articles on Burma ruby and sapphire, tourmaline (including rubellite tourmaline), spinel, garnets such as demantoid, and a plethora of others.

We distribute The Gem Spectrum free within the United States to select members of the gem and jewelry trades.

Note: The Gem Spectrum is not in publication currently; however, we are able to offer a limited number of back issues. If you are interested, please contact us using this link and indicate the volumes/numbers you would like in the Comments section of the form.

Volume 7 — February 2003

  • The Reds have the Greens
  • A Visit to Russia’s Demantoid Mines by William F. Larson
  •’s Demantoid Garnet Buying Guide by Richard W. Hughes
  • Big Mama’s in the House

Volume 6 — May 2000

  • Collecting… It’s Not Just a Hobby
  • Reminiscences of a Gem Collector by G.F. Kunz
  • Mining & Market Notes
  • Wired: Welcome to

Volume 4, No. 1 — January 1998

  • Demantoid from the Ural Mountains of Russia
  • Russia’s Royal Lineage
  • Jewels of the Romanovs
  • Cutter’s Corner

Volume 3, No. 1 — May 1997

  • Maw-Sit-Sit
  • Mogok Mining Notes: Part 2
  • Cutter’s Corner

Volume 2, No. 1 — January 1996

  • American Gemstones
  • The Guide: A Great Tool
  • Editor’s Note: Collecting as a Profession
  • Harry Winston: An American Legend

Volume 1, No. 2 — June 1995

  • Myanmar
  • Mogok Mining Notes: Part 1
  • Cutter’s Corner
  • Editor’s Note
  • By the Book

Volume 1, No. 1 — January 1995

  • Peridot from Pakistan
  • By the Book
  • Cutter’s Corner
  • Tucson ’95