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Pala International has consistently earned its reputation as the direct source for the finest colored stones.


Demantoid Garnets

Pala International continues its quest to bring fine Russian demantoids into the U.S. markets and beyond.

As one source for demantoids seemed to be drying up, a new source has emerged in recent years providing Pala with a new selection of gem-quality material. From electric green melée to world class 10-carat sizes—mining in Russia's Ural Mountains is heating up again.

Via our mining projects, which spanned from 1997 to 2004, Pala has unearthed, processed and sold massive amounts of Russian demantoid around the world. As our demantoid inventory has been depleted over the years this recent influx of exceptional gems has elevated our stock again and caught the eyes of demantoid connoisseurs. This month we feature a couple of outstanding demantoids from our new source.


No horsing around.  Demantoid garnet, 2.09 carats, cushion cut, 7.38 x 4.81 mm.    Click   to enlarge.  (Photo: Mia Dixon)

No horsing around. Demantoid garnet, 2.09 carats, cushion cut, 7.38 x 4.81 mm. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Mia Dixon)

The first is a 2.09-carat square cushion-cut with an electric green hue. This is a top color for demantoid, even taking on a neon lime-green glow in the daylight. Upon closer inspection the silky feel of the stone reveals an amazing horsetail spray radiating from the center.

Fir sure , this is a  very important gem : evergreen-hued demantoid, 9.61-carat round, 13.02 x 8.2 mm.   Click   to enlarge. (Photo: Mia Dixon)

Fir sure, this is a very important gem: evergreen-hued demantoid, 9.61-carat round, 13.02 x 8.2 mm. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Mia Dixon)

The second demantoid is a world-class 9.61-carat round brilliant. Even fine 2-carat Russian demantoids can be scarce, so to have such a massive gem is beyond rare. On top of that the color is a rich saturated evergreen that opens up in the daylight. This stone also has interesting inclusions including the classic horsetail sprays. A true wonder of nature on the inside and a feast for the eyes on the outside.

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