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912 Live Oak Park Rd South
Fallbrook, CA, 92028
United States

+1 (760) 728-9121

Pala International has consistently earned its reputation as the direct source for the finest colored stones.



Just a note to thank Pala for all the information that you continue to bring to the trade, and in turn, to the public.
Your website is an 'information inspiration'!
Keep up the good work.

Elaine Vale, G.G.
Custom Color Fine Jewelers
Plano, TX

Thank you so very much for sending this information. You seem to be many steps ahead of everyone else. 
I will stop to see you in Tucson at the show. I have copies of the photos for you that "we" took when we were with Michael Goldstein in August. The one of the "street person" turned out incredible!! Good eye!

See you very soon. 
Anne Blumer

Mr. Hughes-
I wanted to drop you a note and let you know I came across your website through a search engine while researching information. I answer the email through the "Ask the Jeweler" portion of the Ben Bridge Jeweler website.

I was thrilled to read your stories and immediately flagged your site into the top of my favorite file so I could refer back to it and learn more about the gems you discuss. Besides the quality lay-out and photos, your incredible details and your tales were most captivating.As well, your writing skills are exemplary and your research enthralling.

Please take it as a compliment when I say that your writing style reminded me of the J. Peterman catalog of years past and how within their pages I always could imagine the many adventures that took place before the words were even written. I think they loved apparel as you must love gemstones.

I was intrigued with the mention of your area being likened to Idar-Oberstein as I lived near there many years ago while stationed in the Air Force. I was not in the jewelry industry then but made quite a few trips to Idar-Oberstein to see the gem museum∑ (maybe that was the spark that got me into this line of work). I wonder - do you offer "tours" at Pala International? I was in Hemit for a few weeks earlier this year and will return again. Would you consider letting me come to meet you and see some of your gems and your operation? Having been only in the retail end of this industry for 18 years, I would relish the opportunity.

Well- enough gushing from a new fan. Just thought you may like hearing that your words and photos captivated me and reminded me again about the wonderfulness of gems. Thank you sincerely for that.

Sharon Priem
Registered Jeweler, AGS
Ben Bridge Online Customer Service and Sales for

I really enjoyed your sapphire update, Dick--very thorough with some good

Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us,
Alice Keller