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We welcome legitimate members of the gem and jewelry trade to our wholesale gemstone search engine. Here our loose gems will be displayed with our wholesale prices.

In order to access this portion of Palagems.com, you will need to log on via the Trade Entrance. This requires a User Name and Password (chosen by you). In order to obtain approval for this, we require proof that you are a legitimate member of the gem and jewelry trade. This proof can take one of several forms:

  • A listing in the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT)
  • Your resale number, plus three trade references that can vouch for your trade standing and credit worthiness
  • Some other proof that you are a member of the jewelry trade and involved in purchasing loose gems for resale

Trade logins are designed for those looking to purchase, rather than sell to us. If you have something to sell, please fill out our online form here: SELL TO PALA

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Fill this out to apply for a password (fields marked with an * asterisk are required):
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Step 2. Trade Information:

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    Trade References:

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Note: If you can’t satisfy the above requirements, but are a legitimate member of the gem or jewelry trade, use the space below to provide a brief explanation. We’ll contact you for verification.

Step 3. Choose a user name and password (4–10 characters; case sensitive; alphanumeric—letters/numbers only, no symbols, no spaces):

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Step 4. Submit the form:

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